Certified 100% Traceable Seafood

SFS Trace is a bespoke technology that gives you certified traceability of your seafood products and a centralized place to view, display and share this information.


Guarantee the quality of your seafood

SFS Trace gives you total supply chain traceability from producer information, health certificates, flight tracking to details of if and where it was processed.

Stop seafood fraud

Guarantee what you order is what is delivered. SFS Trace gives you tracking of the entire chain from source to serving.

Promote your responsible sourcing

Display the SFS Trace certification and QR code to inform your end consumer that they’re eating a responsibly sourced, traceable, product.

How does it work?

Receive a unique QR code with your order that links to your exclusive SFS Trace page.
This page holds all your traceability information in one place and gives you a timeline of your product’s journey from Sea to B. 

Trace Demo

Display this QR code and SFS Trace certification on your menus or product packaging to inform your customers that your products are responsibly sourced and provide them with a place to discover the story of the food on their plate.

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