Fully transparent food supply chain traceability

Trust the food you eat

We’re committed to making food more transparent and traceable, through technology we can bring you closer to the source and provide full information about the Producer and their Products.

Trust & transparency

We’re here to be a breath of fresh air in a traditionally closed industry; a trusted source that you can rely on for full and unbiased information on your Seafood products.

Efficency through technology

Scan the Seafood Souq QR code to instantly have end to end visibility on the timeline of your product from production methods through to processing and delivery. SFS Trace is a centralised place where you can dive deep into the story of your Seafood.

Setting the standard for traceability

We want traceability information to be more than just a country of origin.We gather detailed information and evidence to ensure products on our platform are authentic, healthy and sustainable. We’re collecting data at every stage of the supply chain to develop SFS Trace to be an extensive source of product information.

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